Promoting county and regional economic development

  • Supporting our continued job growth
  • Mapping our employment land so businesses can locate and expand in Clackamas County
  • Providing workforce education and training so our citizens have access to family-wage jobs
  • Finding responsible solutions for our road maintenance, Phase II of the Sunrise Corridor, and the expansion of I-205
  • Continuing to collaborate with partners in the Willamette Falls Legacy Project, which will be an economic boost to the region and provide access to a historic Oregon landmark 


Increasing prosperity for rural communities

  • Building on our Agricultural Investment Plan by innovating the Clackamas County ONEStop Farmgate, which provides essential resources to farmers
  • Working with rural communities to improve transportation, water, and natural gas infrastructure
  • Working with Clackamas Community College and the Clackamas County Farm Bureau to ensure our farms are the breadbasket for our area and our nurseries compete globally in the export market


Veterans issues, especially veteran homelessness

  • Ensuring veterans and their families have access to safe, affordable housing by providing adequate resources to the Veterans Service Officers and other partners
  • Working with veterans’ groups to ensure our heroes’ needs are met.